What is Rethink Yoga?

The Rethink Yoga method is a proprietary style of yoga practice created by Kim Shand in 2009. Rethink Yoga fuses vinyasa style movement with the vedic and tantric based teachings of Rajanaka philosophy. The Rethink Yoga method follows a specific process of teaching, practicing and structuring a class to ensure that students leave feeling lighter, energized and successful. Rethink Yoga emphasizes informed, well aligned movement, self-empowerment and a modern application of yogic philosophy.

“I am on a mission to inspire people to take control of their health, how they think and how they age through yoga”
~ Kim Shand

What is Yoga Therapy?

When clients seek out a yoga therapist, they are not usually coming to learn yoga, but to get relief from some symptom or health condition that is troubling them. Yoga therapy combines the ancient tools of yoga including breath techniques, mental focus and physical movement with the western science of physical therapy and medical research.

Typically a yoga therapy session is one-on-one so that it can be tailored to address the client’s individual needs and concerns.

Kim is a 30 year teaching veteran and on-air personality who has helped tens of thousands of people “rethink yoga”.

Meet Kim Shand

Due to a spinal birth defect, Kim began her yoga journey at the age of 5. She later founded the Rethink Yoga style of practice which fuses physical movement with the holistic techniques of yoga, the western science of anatomy/physiology and yogic philosophy. From 2012-2017 Kim was a headlining teacher on the Digital Yoga Network bringing the Rethink Yoga practice to a broad audience.

After completing extensive training and study, Kim became a certified yoga therapist in 2013. She remains one of SWFL’s few certified yoga therapists and has completed specialized training to effectively work with clients who are in treatment for cancer or who are suffering from back pain or spinal abnormality.

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Areas of Specialty

Yoga for Cancer

No matter what kind of cancer or what stage it’s in- a cancer diagnosis steals your breath. The treatment and recovery process clouds your mind, weakens your body and robs you of your sense of self agency. Yoga is a tool that can start giving you those birthrights back.

A well constructed yoga for cancer session will:

  1. Detoxify your body and improve lymph flow.
  2. Counter one loss and neuropathy.
  3. Strengthen your immune system.
  4. Reduce pain and calm your nervous system.
  5. Manage fear and anxiety.
  6. Increase personal empowerment.

Back injury, Scoliosis, Back Pain

Asymmetries can occur in many areas of the body. When an asymmetry occurs in the spine, pelvis or the surrounding muscles it can result in back pain, hip pain, stenosis, disc irregularities and/or scoliosis.

Yoga Therapy can be extremely effective in relieving the pain associated wit these imbalances and can also help correct the root causes. These corrections and healing do not happen overnight. However, research is now documenting what Yoga Therapists have long witnessed – consistent and disciplined practice can yield dramatic results.

You can not only reduce pain and improve your spine’s function and posture; you can increase your self confidence and your control over your well being.

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Are you seeking relief from health conditions, cancer recovery support, or back pain management? Reach out to Kim Shand and begin your journey towards healing and empowerment.

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